<< 01 The Saffron Challenge

Promising perfection. Every year, over the years.

We enabled a client – a magazine printing house in the spheres of pharma, food and architecture, to procure more advertisements while also displaying editorial expertise and delivering high quality magazine printing services. We lived up to our time-tested reputation of delivering on time and ensured that the postal charges weren’t doubled and concessions weren’t lost. From taking care of the colour accuracy, using high quality offset printing, packing the magazines in paper envelopes, pasting address stickers and inserting barcodes, we did whatever it took to make the delivery seamless and swift too. All in a matter of 3 days and sometimes even 2 magazines within 36 hours.

<< 02 India’s Largest Open University

A million dollar achievement.

11 lakh books in 60 combinations. Over 34 crore pages. 800 tons of study material. We brought these numbers to life by printing the study material for an open university. We put our 5 decades of experience to the best use and delivered the printed textbooks across 1000 locations within a short span of 45-60 days, while also tracking and tracing the consignment. The client rewarded us with another project of printing 2.5 lakh variable barcoded answer books which too was completed within the given timeline of 25 days, even though each answer book had variable data printing on it. The most fulfilling thing though was that we lived up to the expectations of the client and the students too.

<< 03 Mumbai’s Largest Textbook Publisher

Reliable enough!

At Jayant Printery, we are a printing business that sees every challenge as an opportunity. When the government of Maharashtra declared the syllabus of standard 8, a host of book printers were competing to grab the project. We put our best foot forward and bagged it owing to our proximity, in spite of the fact that the client, a textbook publisher from Mumbai, was already working with a printing press in Delhi. Out of the 2 lakh government textbooks, 20,000 were printed and delivered within 3 days, the next 50,000 within another 3 days, 75,000 in a short span of 5 days and the final 55,000 in a matter of 3 days. The best part being that we managed to keep the market share of the client intact and their smiles too.

<< 04 Daily Newspapers

Delivering beyond our duties. Daily.

We have an enormous legacy that has ensured that the target of daily newspaper printing 6 times a week has been met every single week in the last 35 years. But that’s not all. From collection of advertisements, collecting the payments, depositing them in banks, maintaining client relations, making the content ready for printing and finally printing and distributing the newspapers at the doorsteps of 15,000 subscribers, every single day. We have done it all and provided newspaper printing services with the help of specialised proof readers, client servicing people and DTP operators as part of our team, making sure that each day ends on a successful note.

<< 05 Lightweight Books

Weighing happiness over everything else.

Carrying heavy school bags is harmful for the spinal health of children. Especially for children in the primary and secondary segments. So, a well-known school chain approached us for an effective solution. We came up with the idea of creating lightweight books – including school books, composition books and graph books, using easily tearable sheets which could also be filed easily. The notebooks were equipped with customised school logos on each page, micro-perforation with holes on every page, unique notebook covers for each school and raised logos created using Spot UV technology to enable direct delivery. Hence ensuring that the students carried lesser weight on their shoulders and bigger smiles on their faces.

<< 06 Development Plan for Mumbai

A top city. A top plan.And a top secret.

It’s not an easy task to print the development plan for a huge city like Mumbai. But we were ready to accept the challenge. While making sure that the plan remained a well-kept secret, our team put to use high resolution file printing using the Heidelberg Machine that made it possible to print 250 sets in just 24 hours, including map printing and high quality poster printing. The binding was done in 25 x 36 size, multiple changes were incorporated and the consignment was delivered well in time for the press conference. Hence reinstating our belief in our abilities and helping us march ahead.

<< 07 Mastering Varieties

Living up to the‘ Sangharniya’ challenge.

Religious books, self-publishing books, coffee-table books, hard cover books, biographies and bishop
school souvenirs. We at Jayant Printery have mastered the art of customised book printing including many such types of coffee-table books. And when it comes to the various ‘prakaars’ that exist – Adarniya, Avlokniya, Vanchaniya and Sanghraniya, we find great pleasure in printing Sangharniya books while taking care of the special needs that each book comes with. For instance, 40GSM ultra-thin bible paper to print the sacred Bhagwad Gita, high quality image editing and printing for Narendra Modi’s book – A Visionary Prime Minister, special effects of gold inks with special colours for the book Yug Pravartak Maha Manav Bharat Ratna Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar as well as for Anjali Sangrah printed in association with Gita Publication House. Every task we take up, the goal is to come out with flying colours.

<<08 Novels @ Rs.50

With us, sincerity is always in stock.

A well-known Marathi Novel Printer, having more than 1,000 titles to its name, faced an unforeseen crisis. During an exhibition, a number of its titles priced at Rs.50, including the Marathi bestseller Shyamchi Aai, went out of stock due to high demand and they needed a paperback printer to reprint the sold out editions within just 3 days. We stepped in with our expertise in novel printing services and story book printing and started the work immediately using the inventory. We soon realised that the books were getting so much love that they would go out of stock every 15 days. So, using our relationship with paper mills, we procured more paper within 8 days and started printing the books.100+ titles with a print run of 3,000-10,000 were printed and dispatched to the exhibition locations within 15 days, making sure that any of the titles didn’t go out of stock. Leaving the client happy and immensely satisfied.

<< 09 Serving one of India’s Largest Chain of Schools

Real resolve. Beyond unrealistic timelines.

One of India’s largest chain of schools with 100+ centres and 1,00,000 students wanted us to take up the task of printing school textbooks of 140 types for the primary and secondary level students. But, owing to unforeseen circumstances, the soft copy material was delayed by 2 weeks. We started the printing of school books by sorting out the content in the soft copies and getting each title approved by the concerned department before finalising. Next, we leveraged our relationship with our trusted paper mills and procured the paper and also arranged for other material like spiral, wir-o, sticker sheets and school diaries on natural shade papers. We used web offset printing technology and high quality offset printers, while ensuring error-free quality checks. After sewing and incorporating the QR codes, more than 5,50,000 books were printed, dispatched and delivered to the client’s centre on time with grade-wise kitting. Making sure that we lived up to our commitment of high quality service and low cost.

<< 10 In-house magazines

Uniqueness in store for you, always.

When it comes to your in-house magazines and newsletters, you can always trust us to give you the best possible designs and solutions. Weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly – whatever be the frequency, we have a unique design waiting for you. From end-to-end designing including illustrations and page layouting, colour corrections, last minute changes, best quality printing and distribution. Rest assured that our award-winning team will take care of it all.

<< 11 Unique Barcode Stickers for a Leading Bank

Sticking to our target of printing 25 crore variable barcode stickers.

At a time when internet banking and mobile banking were not as popular, a leading bank approached us to
collaborate for a revolutionary idea that needed unique barcode stickers to be printed on each passbook linked to individual customer accounts. While their technical team came up with the software to create the unique codes, we worked together with them to come up with the technical parameters of the barcode stickers to be printed. This however, was no mean task, especially keeping in mind the huge customer base of the bank. We used our experience to decide on aspects like paper, ink and the glue to be used, to ensure good quality printing that gave each sticker a shelf life of at least 2 years. We put to use the latest barcode generating technology to convert
the codes generated by the bank into a barcode format. And when it came to developing a template of the stickers as approved by the bank, we used the latest design software and even purchased 5-7 high speed digital printers to meet the extremely tight timelines. After half-cutting the sheets into 40 easily peelable individual stickers, they were packed, shipped and duly delivered.

Today we have printed over 50 crore barcode stickers for the bank and have a capacity to generate, print, cut, pack, dispatch and deliver 10 lakh barcode stickers per day. The project was a massive success that led to us being approached by other banks too. Making us one of the pioneers in the industry and the leading supplier of passbook stickers to banks across India.

<< 12 Paper Cup Making

2 lakh paper cups. Delivered within 5 days.

A high profile Namaste Trump event. 2 lakh disposable paper cups to be printed. Just 5 days in hand. It seemed impossible to achieve, but we at Jayant Printery love challenges. Being the only paper cup making company to have the facility for converting paper into cup stock as well as the best quality offset printing, punching and making printed paper cups with the use of flax, we delivered the best quality services on time and lived up to our reputation. What’s more, we also successfully completed the Swachh Ahmedabad Campaign. So, if you ever need paper cups, you know where to go.

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