DTP & Graphic Designing: We provide desktop publishing (DTP) and graphic design services helping you create unique designs for leaflets, POS items, books, reports, websites, etc.

Graphic Design: Our team thinks of path-breaking ideas and creates communication material using excellent graphic designing skills and page layout techniques, that perfectly fit client requirements.

Spot UV: Depth and contrast are added on matte backgrounds and matte laminations with the use of this best-in-class technique.

Lamination (Gloss, Matte & Velvet): Lamination provides protection, strength and rigidity. We provide this service with varied effects like glossy, matte and velvet.

Die-cutting: As part of this, we use a die (a thin, sharp steel blade) to give a specific pattern/ cut/ crease/ perforation to paper.

Foiling: Foil printing is the difference between ordinary looking and premium looking material. We provide foiling services in gold, silver and other metallic colours.

Wir-O Binding: We provide wir-o binding services that are used to create organised and professional presentations. This binding technique is quite similar to spiral binding.

Custom Packaging: We provide customised packaging services that are especially designed for all printed products.

Warehousing: We provide trusted warehousing/storage solutions for your printed products, which helps in managing the overall costs, especially in the case of bulk printing.

Inventory Reporting & Management: We efficiently report your current stock and control your inventory, duly supplying it to you whenever needed.

Variety of Binding:  We offer a range of binding options suitable for short and long print runs like perfect binding, case binding, saddle stitched, wir-o binding, coil binding & comb binding.

Centre Pinning:  We provide centre pinning, which is a popular binding type for magazines, catalogues, booklets, newsletters, etc.

Perfect Binding:  This is a popular soft-cover/paperback book binding method. We use a strong glue to bind the printed pages and the cover at the spine.

Section Sewing:  We sew sections of a book together one on top of the other using a very strong thread. The long-lasting technique is generally used on hard case bound books and sometimes also for softbound books.

Hard-cover or Gally/Case Bound Books:  This is the best and long-lasting book binding technique. A hardbound book is covered with thick cardboard/ paperboard/ cloth/ leather/ customised cover material.

Screen-printing: We use modern screen-printing methods to produce multicolored designs, printing an image on paper/ card/ wood/ glass/ plastic/ leather/ fabric.

Embossing: This involves pressing an image on to paper or cardstock and creating a 3D design. Text, logos and images can all be formed by the embossing method resulting in a raised surface.

UV Varnish:  This is a special type of varnish that we use as an alternative to lamination. It is eco-friendly and much more futuristic.

Debossing:  This involves creating an indentation in the paper or cardstock. A metal die is stamped on to the front of the paper or cardstock to create a depressed area. We use a thick paper to avoid a mark on the other side of the stock.

Kitting:  This is the process of taking multiple indents and combining them in a package. We provide specialised kitting services for multiple titles.

Logistics Management: The distribution, reporting and management of your printed content is of utmost importance. We, along with our world-class partners, provide excellent logistic solutions in the minimum possible time.

Online Punching:  We provide hole punching and drilling services to efficiently prepare answer books, business forms, reports, paper bags, etc. for binding.

Printing with Non-toxic Ink:  We strictly use EN-71 European standard approved non-toxic printer ink for all our printing services.

Extrusion & Lamination:  As part of this process, we use cup stock paper, stiffener paper, kraft paper, poster paper and other varieties, combining them with different materials like PE and aluminum foils. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that convert 300 tons of paper, we produce food grade paper of 2, 3 and 4 ply and also manufacture 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 Oz single, double and ripple wall paper cups.

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