01) Textbooks in Tanzania

Leaving footprints. For a better world.

Over the years we have established ourselves as one of the best in the education book printing category in the country. A book publisher in Tanzania approached us to print 1 million textbooks using the technique of recycled paper printing and the EN71 ink that is safe for children. Owing to our proximity to the JNPT port which is just about 2 hours away, we ensured timely delivery via the fastest shipping line. What’s more, our paper storage capacity and advanced sheet-fed and web printing machines made sure that the books were on their way to reach the students well in time for the first day of their academic year.

02) Textbooks in Malawi

The Malawi Masterpiece.

We got the unique opportunity of printing textbooks for Malawi’s largest publisher. The challenge though was that this had to be done within a tight duration of 30 days. We started by thoroughly checking the content and finding and correcting errors like missing fonts, author names, changed editions, MRP, page numbers and changed page numbers in the index page. But the biggest roadblock we faced was the need to ensure strong binding of the large volume of books, using the section sewn textbook printing technology. We swiftly amped up our sewing capacity to 1.6 lakh books per day, while offering the best-in-class fulfilment solution by packing and delivering the consignment with utmost perfection.

03) High Court Registers for Tanzania

First time experience, first class result.

We were completely new to the task of printing A2 size high court registers for Tanzania. What further added to the challenge was the fact that the registers were very large in size weighing more than 6 kgs each and good paper quality had to be maintained so that they were long-lasting and wouldn’t fade over the years. After thoroughly exploring many options, we finalised the ‘Sunshine’ variant to print the registers using large-size format hard cover book printing. We also made modifications in the machine to ensure strong binding while focusing on proper foiling on rexine. The registers were shrink-wrapped and duly delivered to the client on time. Not only helping us get appreciation from the client but also an experience to cherish for years to come.

04) Adult Colouring Books

Going out of our way, to help soothe minds.

Adult colouring is known to have calming effects on the minds of people. Being a leading printer of colouring books and books for children, we were approached by a UK-based client to conceptualise adult colouring books which were in high demand at retail stores in the USA, UK and Europe and were running out of stock there. The task was to print the best adult colouring books using special paper in the right shade while also ensuring high quality binding. Paper mills were finding it difficult to keep up with the demand, but we used our trusted network to source the required paper on time and provided new designs and innovative concepts to the client. We also sourced other material like spiral, wir-o, pencil sets, etc. The perforated books were printed in various sizes – 11×11 books of 120 pages each, 8.5 x 11 books of 80 pages each, 8×8 books with pencil boxes and pocket pads. The new ‘Dot to Dot series’ was developed and was immensely appreciated, giving us more opportunities to collaborate with the client.

05) Excellence in Africa

Creating records, breaking boundaries.

We took up the challenge of printing a mammoth 1.2 million government textbooks within a record time of
8 weeks for a textbook publisher in Africa. From processing and preparing the print-ready PDFs, procuring the paper, using web offset printing, ensuring high quality binding of books and taking care of special effects/foiling, everything was done with utmost efficiency. Within 4 weeks, the large quantity printing consignment was duly packed and shipped. The project helped us live up to our reputation of being a low cost, high quality textbook printer in India.

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